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Coronavirus, horses are healers for the soul: the experience of Daya Eliana Rota

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Daya Eliana Rota, founder of the method “Equus una vita che cambia®” tells us about how coronavirus and lockdown changed her role and those of other holistic therapists.

Coronavirus, horses are healers for the soul: the experience of Daya Eliana Rota

“Now I can only show my clients the horses through a camera, there is a deep emotional connection”. From her retreat in Valle Imagna, near Bergamo, Daya Eliana Rota, founder of the association “Equus, a life that changes” tells us about how coronavirus and lockdown changed herrole and those of holistic therapists.

Facebook live, chat, group meetings, Zoom lessons. At this point we are used or maybe we are resigned to this new way of being together and sharing even from afar. What at the beginning looked impossible is now a habit and therapists can meet their patients, and watch and listen to them throught a computer or a smartphone screen.

Even Daya Eliana Rota took on this hard challenge.

For many years Daya has been specializing in personal growth through the relationship and the guidance of  horses. She lives with her 6 wonderful horses – Tristano, Yenkee, Hidalgo, Luna, Swami and Sioux Two Hearts – in her property near Sant’Ombono Terme, in Valle Imagna not far from Bergamo.

Until March, she used to hold her  workshops there, single and group sessions as well as training courses. We are not talking about horse therapy because the method developed by Daya – who works with clients coming from all over Italy and the world, even from Sri Lanka – merges inspirations and approaches tested over more than thirty years of introspective work on herself: from Osho meditation and Sufism, to Family Constellation, Reiki, Reflexology, to the final meeting with the horses. 

Daya had the intuition that this animal so dear to her, could become a mediator to heal human beings and lead them to connect with their deeper selves by following an emotional unlock from  old wounds and trauma release almost naturally. 

Daya’s innate friendliness is amplified by the presence of her horses with whom she has a neverending dialogue with no need for words. 

Daya decided not to keep this life path to herself: she is a certified trainer and equi-coach and teaches anyone who wants to know this world and to start walking with her along this path.

During lockdown her experience has not stopped, has transformed.

How have you experienced this period? 

It has been a very strange moment. I live in the most virus affected area. Despite the grief around me, I feel grateful because I am centred thanks to the contact with nature and my horses.

How did your job as a holistic therapist change?

Now I meet my students online. I watch them and support them. Some believe the group session to be useful, others prefer single meetings. Of course they miss the physical contact and moreover the work with my horses. Sometimes, I take my pc into the fields and I go live from there so that I can show my horses through the image of the camera. There is a deep emotional connection. 

Now I offer guided meditation and I work on the circular breath to go deep into the rage and  frustration that a lot of my clients feel in this period of lockdown. Some live it like a real prison.  I noticed during these weeks that I can see some good results for those clients who have already started to work with me. From the relationship with the horses they learned fundamental notions such as rooting and listening to themselves and to others. 

How have you coped with lockdown?

I have felt myself in abundance. It has been an opportunity to work on myself, a moment of deep introspection. Of course, I miss my students, their presence, the physical contact, the hugs…

How can horses help us in this moment?

The horses take us into a space that is healing for the soul. This is my therapy. Starting a relationship with a horse brings you in touch with Nature: you feel the breeze on your skin, the water, cold and hot, the aromass, the colours… All our senses and our body vibrate together in a shared moment of magic.

What is your message?

Ironically these months of lockdown have offered us a big opportunity. 

Someone got in touch with his rage for his restriction of freedom and now has had the opportunity to transform it into passion and creativity.

The question that everybody should ask now is: where am I with my passion? what does really make my heart vibrate? When do I feel my heart vibrating”. When thay will be able to answer these questions, they will find their inner freedom …

Now we are in the Phase 2 and everybody wonders how and if we will go back to normality….. What do you think will happen? 

If during this period we worked on our deeper self, things will be naturally changed because we will look at them with new eyes. There is no reason why something happens, there is on the how it happens.

It is now necessary to return to the world with something new, with love. We exist to fulfill who we really are. We are here to be happy.

Daya +39 349 82 28 011

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